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Send Fax
from iPhone & iPad
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Scan & Fax any documents and files to 100+ countries worldwide! Cool features: Docs signing and customization, Sync with Clouds and more!


Send Fax
from iPhone anywhere!

Fax any documents and photos from your iPhone or iPad in seconds! Fax anything in 100+ countries worldwide at the lowest prices! Get powerful fax machine with extended settings & seamless connection with cloud services right in your pocket!


Fax Photos and Images

Use images from your Camera Roll or shoot a photo from scratch

Fax paper documents

Use any paper docs - contracts, invoices, notes, receipts and so on

Fax digital documents

Smart Fax app provides support for over 40+ digital file extensions

Fax from the Cloud

Fax documents from iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox from your iPhone

Preview and edit faxes

Change contrast, brightness, size and make other adjustments

Scan and combine docs

Combine as many documents as you need in 1 file to save your time



I had to send 2-pages documents for work today, but its is Sunday and everything is closed. So this app saved me :) Fast, easy and almost free faxing from iphone

Pretty powerful thing, especially in compare with sending fax from public library - this app is almost free. Like it! Thanks to developers!

Great and simple app when you need to send fax but didnt have phisical fax machine. Helps me every time

100% recommend this app for anyone: either a student or a office worker. Your phone and this app could be very handy at some times, when you need to fax docs.

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